• No digging required, ensuring a tidy installation process.

  • Your property remains intact, as our team ensures that everything is restored to its original state before leaving.

  • Our discreet installation process involves only one installer and minimal equipment to minimize damage to your property.

  • With the ability to be moved and reused, our piles offer an eco-friendly option.

  • No matter the weather, installation is always possible.

  • Once in place, our piles remain durable with no warping or movement, thanks to the secure hold of the helix plate in any type of soil.


  • Excavation is required for installation.

  • Property damage is likely, including piles of soil, traces of machinery and equipment, concrete debris, and other mess left behind after completion.

  • Multiple workers and equipment are needed for installation, resulting in higher noise levels and more damage to the property.

  • Concrete piles cannot be moved or reused.

  • Installation is limited to frost-free and dry weather conditions.

  • Deformation and movement are possible due to several factors, such as the type of hole, concrete composition, ground slope, water presence in the ground, and more.